Hemostatic Ambulance Dressing

Hemostatic Ambulance Dressing

Product Summary

  • Soft blister containing :

1 elastic bandage (length: 108 cm  - Width: 9cm ) with Velcro
1 foam pad  (12x10x2.6cm   - polyurethane)
1 non-adherent wound dressing (10x15cm)
1 pair of vinyl glove size Large

  • Sterile
  • Individually wrapped


When to use

First aid treatment of severe lifethreatning wounds with heavy blood loss


How to use

  1. Open the bag and unroll the bandage
  2. Apply the pad compress side on the wound
  3. Press the pad strongly 
  4. Roll the bandage around the limb while maintaining the pressure
  5. Control pulse regularly downstream from the wound. In case of its slowing down, loose the pressure of the bandage.

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